An MGB owner’s view of the new MG Icon

THIS unusual offering is being hyped as the hottest new automotive offering at this week’s Beijing Motorshow – but in terms of style it’s straight from the Sixties.

The MG Icon might look like a sporty, small off-roader in the vein of say, Nissan’s Juke but the concept car’s British designer reckons it pays tribute to MG’s sports cars of the Fifties and Sixties, particularly the MGB GT coupe which would have been a familiar sight on Britain’s roads after its introduction in 1966.

Anthony Williams-Kenny, MG’s chief designer, said: “The MG brand has a unique set of values and heritage and allows us to offer individual design values to our products. The MG Icon represents our vision of a modern MG and we feel that the small SUV canvas demonstrates MG’s capacity for progressive design with respect for its long heritage. “We have balanced familiar brand cues, such as the wide and powerful front end graphic interpretation and, as one would expect, with a strong focus on the unique MG octagon.

The MG Icon clearly demonstrates a progressive and soulful British spirit and has a lithe and powerful stance – its proportion harmonised by feature lines interpreted from MG’s iconic greats.”

The car has already won an award for Best Concept from the Beijing show’s organisers but as an owner of one of the original MG BGTs from the early Seventies I’m not so sure; details like the way the lights sit on top of the rear wings worked well on the crisp coupe, but on the Icon they look a little bloated and out of place, while the rest of the car seems dominated by the enormous rear wheelarches.

It’s certainly challenging but it does at least doff its cap to the company’s heritage, and is more obviously a descendant of MGs of old than the MG6 and the soon-to-arrive MG5 are.

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