Bank Hall Classic Car Show 2012

DESPITE having to compete with this year’s Woodvale Rally the organisers of the Bank Hall Classic Car Show still managed to attract a healthy number of classics to help raise funds for a stately home’s restoration.

The show, held by the Friends of Bank Hall group to help fund the restoration of Bank Hall in Bretherton, Lancashire, enticed enthusiasts to take a look at a diverse range of cars and bikes, including everything from an Austin Seven, through Austin Healeys, Triumphs and MGs, to modern day motors like a very tidy Jaguar XJR.

In fact, it was a Jaguar owner who managed to pull off the most spectacular entrance to a show I’ve seen this year by managing to blow a hose on a V12 E-Type at just the right moment, pulling into the picturesque walled garden venue in a cloud of steam!

Life On Cars took these pictures at the show:

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