This is every other classic car show you’ve ever been to

07082011734HUNDREDS of cars from yesteryear will be gathering in the grounds of a stately home this weekend for a two-day show.

The event will feature roughly the same cars as it’s done for the last four years, with highlights once again including displays from the Whimsley Boxed Ferret Owners’ Club, the Morris Dancers’ Register and the Lumley District Classic Vehicle Club. The Raspberry Hornet Owners’ Club and the Raspberry Hornet Driver’s Club will also be taking part, albeit at opposite ends of the show venue due to the animosity between the two clubs since their respective founders’ divorce was settled in court.

There’s plenty for human beings to enjoy too, with live falconry displays, a tombola, a competition to correctly guess the number of marbles in a jar and a stall selling cheeses at this year’s event. Don’t forget there’ll also be a catering van cooking burgers for £5.50 each and a hog roast, both of which will have fairly sizeable queues and 30 circling wasps to keep you entertained.

It’s one of the highlights of the year for the stately home in question, which you can also tour for another £18 on top of the show’s entry price.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our website too, where you’ll be able to learn when the show’s been cancelled due to the ground being a bit too soggy.

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