While you were away…


MY HUMBLEST apologies. While Life On Cars has been cruising along in print form in The Champion newspaper as usual, the blog’s been parked up, tucked away beneath a car cover and had its battery disconnected for the past few weeks.

That’s because over the last few weeks every moment when I haven’t been scribbling for Classic Car Weekly and The Champion I’ve been planning for a particularly tricky outing – my wedding, which takes place later this week.

The soon-to-be Mrs Simister has done all the really hard work, but my contributions include sorting out the car she’ll be taking her last journey of singledom in – and I was absolutely determined it wasn’t going to be one of those horrid kit cars with Volkswagen Beetle door handles and Ford Granada running gear that seem to take up so much of the wedding trade’s business these days.

So I’ve gone for a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow instead.

Not a plastic-bumpered one in white, you understand; that’d be the later Shadow II you see pictured above, and in completely the wrong colour for what Crewe intended to be a gentlemanly express aimed at a new class of owner-drivers when the Silver Shadow was originally launched. The car I’m using is the original Silver Shadow with chrome bumpers in a subtle shade of blue – the ribbons will do the talking on their own, thank you very much.

The bridesmaids, meanwhile, will be taking their trip to the aisle in an MG Magnette – the ZB Varitone version, in case you’re interested. Unless of course the Breakdown Fairy decides to strike twice in a single day, in which case a colleague’s Mercedes-Benz S-Class is on hand instead.

Unless of course that breaks down too (and if you’ve been reading Classic Car Weekly over the past few weeks, that’s not actually that unlikely), when my dad’s Range Rover will valiantly come to the rescue on a surge of Rover V8 rumble.

Unless of course that breaks down too, in which case…




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