The new editor of Classic Car Weekly? That’d be me

AT THE END of this week I’ll be taking on the biggest and most exciting challenge of my career – I’ve been appointed as the new editor of Classic Car Weekly.
It’s been three-and-a-bit years since I arrived at CCW‘s offices and passed what I’m still sure was some sort of unspoken initiation test on only my second day – handling the stress of breaking down rather conspicuously in an E-type in Southampton’s rush hour. Since then I’ve worked as both its news editor and features editor and loved every minute of it.

Obviously the drive up Blackpool’s seafront in a Corvette Stingray, lapping the Nürburgring in my Mazda MX-5 and a wonderful afternoon with a Ferrari Testarossa on the North Yorkshire Moors stick out in the grey matter, but more importantly I really enjoy just chatting to people who love old cars and immersing myself in a world of chrome bumpers, tail fins, Bakelite steering wheels, GTI badges, go-faster stripes, chokes, evocative exhaust notes and folding chairs in the grounds of stately homes. Always have, always will.

What an exciting time it is to take over the reins at my favourite motoring publication. You only have to look at the findings of the latest National Historic Vehicle Survey in today’s issue to see how important Britain’s classic car owners – and the jobs and shows they support – are to the nation’s heritage.

There’ll be more of the cars and events you love in CCW’s pages, and more news stories on the issues that affect them. I’d also like to thank outgoing editor Keith Adams (yes, him of the not-at-all-addictive AROnline) for the hard work he’s put into Classic Car Weekly over the past two years, and wish him all the best in his new role as editor of used car bible Parkers.

And Life On Cars? That’ll continue as always – and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about Classic Car Weekly in the comments.
For more see today’s issue of Classic Car Weekly (19 October, 2016)

One comment

  1. Good luck! I’m sure you will be a great success. I see you’re with a C3 in the photo. If you fancy a test of my C2 just let me know.


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