Life On Cars Magazine, Issue 1

TIME flies when you’re having fun.

It’s been exactly one year since Life On Cars first went live, with a short, shouty piece about why BMW’s attempts to revive the Mini Mayfair name wouldn’t work. As it turns out the trademark reliability of the original Mayfair – or the lack of it – has become a bit of a running joke ever since, but at least it gives me something to write about!

The story of my very own Mini Mayfair kicked off Life On Cars on July 28 last year, and since then the blog’s grown way beyond the web-based rant I started off to keep my toe in the deep end of the motoring pool after I’d ended my stint as a writer for the motors page for the Daily Post in North Wales.

Alongside the blog there’s now the weekly column in The Champion newspaper, the increasingly popular Fire Up The… road test section and a monthly spot on the Live From Studio One show on Dune FM, which is off-air for the moment but will be back in September. All this from a chap with a penchant for clapped-out classic cars which break down a lot.

How best to celebrate? A cake would have been a bit too obvious so I’ve gone with what several people suggested; create my very own car magazine! Both my readers, I’m sure, will be delighted with the work that’s gone into creating Life On Cars Magazine, which you can browse through below.

Read it, enjoy it, and let me know what you think. I might even make another if Life On Cars is here this time next year…

Click on the cover to read the issue:


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