Past Blasts


1998 Peugeot 306 – A bargain French family hatchback and the first ever diesel on the Life On Cars fleet.


2001 Ford Mondeo – The first Ford on the fleet was brilliant and lavishly equipped, but thanks to an errant BMW was short-lived.


1990 Mazda MX-5 – Sports car fun with Japanese reliability – Life On Cars takes on what is arguably a modern classic in the form of this pretty roadster.


1992 Mini Sprite – Fast, great fun to drive and above all reliable! How all Minis should be.


1995 Rover 214SEi – Refined, restrained and unmistakably British… with a Honda inflection, of course. Oh, and this leather-seated mini limo cost just £300.


1995 Renault 5 – Quite possibly the best value car in the world, if not exactly a hot hatch. Endless reliability for just £100.


1983 Mini Mayfair – A classic piece of British engineering and an absolute delight to drive – when it worked.